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In our universe, each one of us is a unique creation.

However, we are all connected to the same source. This source, called God, the Great Spirit, the Great Whole,, etc by religions, represents the ” quantum Field ” of quantum physicists. The latter demonstrate the existence of energy fields linking(binding) body, spirit and environment.


The Whole Universe is One.

The non- membership

We all have a place and a unique role to play inside this Universe.

Excessively attached to our identities, our personalities, our memberships, our “isms” mindframes impede and block the expression and blooming of our individuality.

Divided by various faiths, ideologies, cultures, religions, beliefs (some regarded as science), community and racial memberships, we turned our planet into a never-ending battlefield.



” I am ” connects us to our essential being, i.e. to what we are beyond our physical appearance and beyond our mind. ” I am ” is the way to the heart that brings to us serenity and inner peace.

A divided Society

Uncoordinated, separated by the ideologies, the faiths and the political splits(cleavages), we lose sight of the real “enemies”. No ideology, no political system can bring of positive change in this world.


 What difference is there between an extreme left-wing intolerant compared with  an extreme right-wing intolerant ? Actually nothing but each one needs to learn primarily to restore peace within oneself and to become truly aware that he/she has a mirror in front of him/her. (we are all so unique and so alike at the same time !)

The free man serves no ideology, no beleif system. By essence, he/she is a free-thinker  Re-conquering our individual freedom requires above all that each one of us understrand oneself.
It is an inestimable treasure to control and belong to oneself.

The religions have always been the worst enemies of individual freedom

(freedom of thinking, freedom of speech, freedom of acting, etc).


The religious teaching does not address ourselves beyond our mind (ie spirit / soul), and that is the cause of allfanaticism and intolerance.
Religious fanaticism may actually order its followers/believers to commit the worst atrocities while feeling completely absolved from its acts. (they do not take any blame for their acts, so who’s responsible ?)
The human mind can be controlled in many ways. Religion is probably the most developped  and nonetheless almost unsuspected  as such…

The malleability of the individual is skillfully and solidly supported by any kinds of methods and practices. The application of all sorts of knowledge on crowd psychology, media brainwash and dulling by drugs, chemical, vaccinal and electromagnetic pollutions, nutritional deficiencies, all these lead to dehumanization and turn human beings into mindless dummies.


 Social & Peer Pressure

We do not dare to actually be ourselves for fear of being ridiculous in the eyes of others, and reciprocally, we are quick to laugh at those who may seem strange or silly by our own standards.

Unconsciously we usually slavishly imitate the dominant behaviour of the flock, and confine ourselves to a respectable conformity.


 Developing our Individuality is not being selfish

The ego is only a part of ourselves through which we experience duality on Earth. It is not a disease unless it takes full control of our life.

Bound to our mental body, the ego is made of all our experiences and the beliefs.
If we leave ourselves be led and controlled by our mind and ego, then we get an erroneous perception of the world (including ourselves).

The ego opposes to letting go. The ego is the one who wants. It is afraid. Proud and vain, the ego leads us to narrow-minded and dirty behavior. It judges and divides. Always hurt in its self-esteem, it is the foundation of jealousy which leads to conflicts. It wants the other one to fit its own image, and demands the exclusive possession of the other one, leading to divorce and/or violence.

Unbalanced and out of proportion, the ego masks our real nature. The ego might be considered as a degeneration of our individuality.
The ego, is the “Myself, I (want, think, believe, …)” whereas “I am …” leads to awareness of who i really am, my total being, including my real spiritual nature.

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