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Life expectancy and longevity

According to statistics, life expectancy would have doubled in developed countries during the last two centuries. The number of elderly keeps on increasing. Japan holds the head ranking score with an average life expectancy of 85 years, but many countries on all the continents hold a life expectancy higher than 80-years-old.

For a better World

A World of believers In our modern democracies, the individual feels free whereas (s)he has become a meek sheep, led by invisible shepherds who do not want to him(her) any good. Formatting of minds by lie and misinformation is everywhere and in the first place at school, in the universities and of course in the media. Unfounded faiths keep imposing their schemes into our minds in many ways. Should they be religious, philosophic, or stemming from a false medical cience, or political, etc, all of them are polluting our minds with faiths and paradigms which do not belong to us. They all act as mental matrixes (and consequently physical as well). We laugh at religious faiths which formerly subdued meek and obedient people, we laugh at ayatollahs, talibans and other fanatics but why can’t we realize how enslaved and conditioned we’ve become within our own minds (and lifestyles) ? Consumerism and materialistic scientism are probably the most dangerous faiths we meekly adhere to nowadays.

For you own security

Road accidents causing casualties and death are always dramas. Even if in France we passed below the level of 5 000 persons killed per year, this figure is still too high. However it’s vain when compared with the victims of a false medical science slavishly working for the pharmaceutical industry (aka Big Pharma). In this domain, it is difficult to estimate the actual number of victims since no serious statistics is kept and that conversely a big fuzziness is intentionnally maintained.