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Big Pharma mafia strikes again

After the suspension of the manufacturing of Tictox by Nutrivital in Mundolsheim (city located in Alsace, France, Europe), this plant-extract-based product which was used by many patients and MDs in order to get rid of chronic borreliosis disease, this laboratory, well-known for its specific serologies on Lyme disease, has been ordered to stop all its productions by a ” suspension of authorization of functioning ” by order of the prefect (Prefecture of Bas-Rhin). On February 11th in the morning, a police commissioner came with a police van in front of the laboratory to apply the judicial decision.

The Telethon takes you for idiots

« The medical scientific community, which thrives on the genes business, feeds the general public of illusion. »                                          Bertrand Jordan ;  PhD in Nuclear Physics, reconverted into a Molecular Biologist, former study manager at the CNRS (NATIONAL CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH) – France.

Beware of antennas, we aren’t told the truth

So-called “scientists” bribed by Mobile phone industries & operators have been denying the harmfulness of Artificial Electromagnetic Fields (specially those emitted by relay antennas). This misinformation has been dissolved (partially) thanks to independent genuine researchers on EM effects on lifeforms (seed germination, eggs in incubators, etc). 

Experimenting with Raw Food

Progress towards a healthy diet At the beginning of the 70s, I rejected the standard food diet and moved toward healthiers food coming essentially from organic farming.

The maffia-like drift of our health system

Medical Franchise: scaling down of indemnities for some, scaling up privilege for the others. Hold-up on the Health insurance, a well rigged (corrupted) Medical Franchise System. The system is bankrupt but not for everybody. Nowadays the doctor is a storekeeper, and the drugstores are litterally selling drugs and only drugs. The chemical industry manages the whole, and constitutes a huge shadow power richer than many states.