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After the suspension of the manufacturing of Tictox by Nutrivital in Mundolsheim (city located in Alsace, France, Europe), this plant-extract-based product which was used by many patients and MDs in order to get rid of chronic borreliosis disease, this laboratory, well-known for its specific serologies on Lyme disease, has been ordered to stop all its productions by a ” suspension of authorization of functioning ” by order of the prefect (Prefecture of Bas-Rhin). On February 11th in the morning, a police commissioner came with a police van in front of the laboratory to apply the judicial decision.

To learn more about the ban on Tic-Tox; http: // / Article closure of the Schaller Laboraty; network borreliosis.

To learn more about the way “our” medical research and “healthcare” system operates in France, you may also read ” Forbidden Discoveries; The Beljanski case. ” (Available on this blog)

The Laboratory of Medical Analysis Schaller was definitively closed on June 1st, 2012.


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