Free & Critical Thinking (quite useful in today’s nonsensical world)

Natural Health (is there any other way ?)

  • INHS : International Natural Hygiene Society – Pursuing a scientific approach to health, based on the natural laws of life. A reliable source of information on the prerequisite for health. “Let’s have the truth, though the Heavens fall !” (Herbert Shelton)
  • Soil And Health Library is a rich and reliable online source of information for (natural) health seekers.
  • Dr Doug Graham : Natural Hygiene Promoter, fitness coach, author of the book “80-10-10 diet”  (raw vegan & low fat). A nice man who walks his talk.
  • Dr Fred Bisci PhD : very inspiring and inspired promoter of mainly raw vegan diet. His Video Blog is a must see for anyone interested in the roots of real health.


Critical Healthwatchers

  • Natural News : Mike Adams, aka the Health Ranger, presents critical thinking articles, videos, books, experts interviews related to health (on a very wide range)
  • WHALE – Hollistic Health : a huge site presenting and referencing the facts with reliable information on natural health, and on misinformation threats by Big Pharma entities. A goldmine of information.
  • Vaccination Liberation : very informative articles, practical advice, forms, testimonies, books, resources. – Editor : Ingri Cassel/Harkins
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola  : whose motto is “Tke control of your health” by keeping really informed on every dimensions of health. A Goldmine of information.
  • Tim O’Shea DC : Natural Health promoter
  • Catherine J. Frompovich : Consumer Health Researcher, Journalist & Author, Retired Natural Nutrionist. Her last published book “Vaccination Voodoo” should be clear-minding like “Vaccination Religion” by Wallene James


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